[e-News] The scenery of Ile Des Pins-Isle of Pines
[e-News] The scenery of Ile Des Pins-Isle of Pines
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[이뉴스데일리 Lauren Kim 기자] The scenery of Ile Des Pins-Isle of Pines, an island in harmony with the emerald sea and blue pine trees, is where the camera cannot capture all the colors. As its name suggests, Idefang is an island of pine trees, where you can see the harmony of the world's only pine trees and the sea, rather than the palm trees and sea-blossom commonly seen in warm southern countries.

Photo by Lauren Kim
Photo by Lauren Kim


Ile Des Pins-Isle of Pines is an island southeast of New Caledonia, a baguette-shaped island between Australia and New Zealand, opposite our country's seasons and has summer weather in our country's winter. Nicknamed the Land of Eternal Spring, New Caledonia is perfect for travelers who want to enjoy the summer in winter.

Located about a half-hour's flight from Noumea, the capital of New Caledonia, Ile Des Pins-Isle of Pines offers unforgettable memories not only for the harmony of pine trees and sea, but also for the nature of heavenly love that cannot be experienced elsewhere.

Located on Oro Bay, Ile Des Pins-Isle of Pines' essential experience course, the natural pool offers a full enjoyment of the calm sea like a swimming pool as the rocks of the same height block the sea and clear sea water continues to flow into the round waterway. Because tropical fish can come in and out of the waterways, they are perfect for snorkeling, and you can see a variety of fish species that are thought to be in the aquarium.

Photo by Lauren Kim
Photo by Lauren Kim


In particular, the time to view the beautiful scenery of Ile Des Pins-Isle of Pines from the sea on the Melanessian traditional inelastic sailboat is precious. It is also the first time to see a rocky island in the sea, which is shaped like a mushroom because the bottom is cut off by waves. It's perfect for me to have a quiet time as I can hear the sound of the sea separating the evil and the gentle sea breeze that separates my ears.

In addition, to get a glimpse of Ile Des Pins-Isle of Pines' daily life, you must head to the Bao Village, where the residents of Ile Des Pins-Isle of Pines live. Bao Village is home to an information center where visitors can learn about Ile Des Pins-Isle of Pines tourism, as well as a Melanetian-style house and the "Vao Mission Church" built in 1860.

On Saint Maurice Bay, located near vao Village, you can see the sculpture erected in commemoration of Saint Maurice, which first delivered Catholicism to Ile Des Pins-Isle of Pines. Unlike the Catholic relics we have seen so far, the sculpture is surrounded by sculptures depicting tribes (Kanak) living in Ile Des Pins-Isle of Pines around Saint Morris, which offers a unique blend of Ile Des Pins-Isle of Pines tradition and Catholic culture.

Also, the Kooni restaurant, where you can cook the chubby and chewy lobster in a traditional way, is always crowded with tourists. The lobster, which has been carefully placed on the beach, has a wonderful taste, which is not too much to say, "life lobster."

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