[e-News] the beautiful beaches of Hawaii
[e-News] the beautiful beaches of Hawaii
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[이뉴스데일리 Lauren Kim 기자] Hawaii is widely known for its honeymoons because of its beautiful beaches, as well as its Korean counterpart, its free rental car trips and a wide selection of global brand hotels. Moreover, the restaurant has various luxury brands as well as duty-free shops and shopping malls, as well as international restaurants, which are attracting the public's attention that it can satisfy all five senses.

Photo by Lauren kim
Photo by Lauren kim


Hawaii is the only place you can choose from a row of hotels on Waikiki Beach to enjoy a more comfortable honeymoon. As well as enjoying the lively Waikiki beach comfortably, you can enjoy shopping briskly by putting heavy luggage in hotels and sightseeing again after shopping at various luxury brands and near local brands as well as shopping malls.

In particular, Hawaii, the U.S. territory, offers up to 70 percent cheaper purchases of U.S. brand products such as Coach and Toriburch than Korea, which is why Hawaii is selected as a honeymoon destination because it is also suitable for buying gifts from acquaintances and family.

Photo by Lauren kim
Photo by Lauren kim


And you can't miss snorkeling that you enjoy at the beautiful. Hanawuma Bay cannot enter the thoroughly managed beach with sunscreen or oil, and must listen to video on its simple nature protection before entering the area. However, this much trouble is not much to experience on the blue beach. 

Hawaii has a road right up to the sea when you drive along the beach road, so you can feel like you're driving along the sea. Moreover, as the rainbow is the symbol of Hawaii, you can often witness the rainbow, so you can enjoy the fresher honeymoon.

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