[e-News] it's time to meet Siracusa
[e-News] it's time to meet Siracusa
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If the Palermo to Agreezento is halfway around Sicily, it's time to meet Siracusa at the eastern end of Sicily. It takes about three hours from Agregento to Shirakusa.

Shirakusa was the first colonial city founded by Greece on Italian soil around the 8th century B.C. Around the third century B.C., Roman civilization flourished over Greek civilization as Rome, which won the Punic War, occupied Italy and developed Shirakusa into a city for the Romans. Therefore, it is a famous tourist spot in Sicily where you can see both the Greek and Roman ruins that were found in Agrizzento.

Italian Tourism Authority
Italian Tourism Authority


Shirakusa is divided into the New Town within Sicily and the Old City District on Oritizia Island, which is connected by a narrow strait with Sicily. Excluding the Sanjovan, Katakombe, and Paoloorsi archaeological museums, all the sights are located on the old city's "Oritizia Island."

Shirakusa's Old Town is an island that is small enough to allow a walking trip, but tourist attractions such as "Niache Castle, Arethusa Fountain, Velomo State Museum, Santa Lucia Cathedral, Shirakusa Duomo and Apollo Temple" are distributed throughout the island.

In particular, the Castello Manace, which lies at the end of Ortizia Island, was a perfect fortress for protecting Shirakusa from Islamic forces at the end of the Mediterranean Sea. It is now loved by many tourists for its beautiful sea and sunset views from the castle.

Syracusea, who flourished under Roman rule, enjoyed constant affluence under the Byzantine Empire even after the fall of the Roman Empire. Meanwhile, an invasion by Islamic forces seeking to advance into Europe left Shirakusa destroyed and the center of Sicily moved to Palermo. The remains of the Greek, Byzantine and Roman period in Shirakusa were appreciated by many archaeologists. Shirakusa is where the status of the ancient city still lingers.

Source: Enews Daily ᅵ Real Life magazine centered on the site (http://www.enewsdaily.co.kr)

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