[e-News] Singapore is a country with unusual architecture.
[e-News] Singapore is a country with unusual architecture.
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Singapore is a country where harmony of various cultures and the feast of architecture with unique designs are held.

There are so many buildings symbolizing Singapore, including Esplanade, which resembles a durian shape, and hotels that resemble a tropical rainforest, that it is interesting to look around the architecture.

Photo by Lauren Kim


Pick only one unique structure that symbolizes Singapore, and it is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel with a large ship on top of three tall buildings. 

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel, located at the top, consists of an Infinity Pool, a club and a restaurant that offers a panoramic view of Singapore. This is a place where only guests can go.

Infinity pools, which create the illusion of swimming in the sky, are especially popular among guests as they can swim with open views. Lying on a sun bed with Infiniti grass in the incense, it seems to have come to paradise if served with a Singaporean beer, Tiger beer, or a glass of fresh cocktails.

The open view of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel Infinity Pool is much more beautiful at night than at day. The night view of Singapore, the hub city of finance, is a beautiful night view that is second to none in the world.

Photo by Lauren Kim
Photo by Lauren Kim


Travelers are busy taking selfies, showing off their gorgeous figure in swimsuits against the backdrop of the nightscape. Time flies when you enjoy swimming in a cool swimming pool against the backdrop of night views from the sky. The night view as well as the surrounding area is beautiful, so this is the place where people are crowded all day.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Infinity Pool is available to guests only from 18 to 23. Since there are no locker rooms available, you can change into swimsuits in the room and use the gown in the room. But you don't have to bring a room towel because it is provided inside the pool.

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