[e-News] Be surprised by the grandeur of Saint Petersburg, Russia
[e-News] Be surprised by the grandeur of Saint Petersburg, Russia
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St. Petersburg, which only takes four hours by train from Moscow, is first surprised by the grandeur and beauty of the Saint Petersburg station upon arrival. It starts here. St. Petersburg is surprised by its grandeur, including a palace, a cathedral and a museum. 

Photo by Lauren Kim

In particular, the Hermitage Museum is considered one of the top three museums, whose name means Hermitage, or Hermitage, in French. The collection, which was collected in earnest since Yekaterina the Great Reich, had not been opened to the public at first, but was opened to the public at the end of the 19th century. 

She bought some 200 precious paintings and built an annex next to the Winter Palace to keep them and named the building Hermitage. Her love for famous painting made the museum now available. The museum is made up of five buildings, and the main building was attributed to the state after the revolution and became a national museum. Some of the more than 3 million pieces of collection are on display divided into more than 1,000 rooms. 

In particular, Hermitage’s collection is more valuable than that of the British Museum or the Louvre Museum if it is based on collection and donation. 

Photo by Lauren Kim


After seeing the Hermitage Museum, let's head to Kazan It is easy to find the cathedral because it is located in the center The cathedral is famous for the storage of Kazan's Virgin Mary, believed to have miraculous powers. The econ here is the image of a Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus and is one of the most revered econes in Russia. It was built over 10 years by Andrei Boronahin, who built Kazan Cathedral. 

You can enter any restaurant on Neptune Boulevard to fill your empty stomach. This is because it is the largest downtown of Saint Petersburg. Coming out of the palace square, where the Hermitage Museum is located, it immediately follows the boulevard, which is perfect for walking through large and small canals such as Moika, Gribayedov and Fontanga and a 4km road leading to Alek Sandro Neptky monastery. 

There are numerous tourist attractions, as well as cafes, restaurants, hotels and souvenir shops, as well as antique buildings from the Russian Empire, which could give a sense of why the entire city has become a cultural heritage.



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