[e-News] A Day on Sentosa Island in Singapore
[e-News] A Day on Sentosa Island in Singapore
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Sentosa Island in Singapore is located south of Singapore, meaning "peace and calm" in Malay, and has relatively good weather. The island is home to a number of Universal Studios, Siloso Beach and hotels of global brands.

Not only these are the largest marine aquarium in the East, the fountain where you can see the fountain show, the Orchid Garden with beautiful orchids, and the Asian Village, which reproduces the lifestyle of Asian people.

To enjoy Sentosa Island every nook and cranny, it is recommended that you stay inside Sentosa Island. This is because not only do they have to pay tolls on Sentosa Island and the main island of Singapore, but also because transportation is inconvenient.

Inside Sentosa Island, a variety of global brands of hotels are located, but if you want a view of the surroundings and express services, we recommend the W Singapore Sentosa Cove. This is because W Singapore not only operates its own shuttle bus linking Singapore's main island with Sentosa Attraction, but also offers guests a ticket to exempt them from passing through Sentosa Island.

Photography by Lauren Kim
Photography by Lauren Kim


W Singapore has a port where yachts are anchored, so you can not only feel the atmosphere of the resort, but also enjoy food outside of the hotel as there are many representative restaurants of each country around the port.

W Singapore, which has a variety of room types, including one-turtle rooms, Spectacula rooms and Extreme Wow suites, is fully free of charge inside the guest room. In addition, all bathroom items were decorated with high-end cosmetics brand Bliss, adding to Wman’s luxury.

With a stylish blend of sensual room design and props, you can find pop art everywhere. The comfortable bed with Wman's know-how is the pride of W that will blow away the tiredness of the journey.

Breakfast restaurants with a variety of menus, including traditional Singaporean food and bakeries and salads, are especially popular among couples who prefer a cozy atmosphere as they can enjoy them when they look at the harbor where the yacht is anchored.

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